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Textbook usage in Math Doctoral Education

  1. Jan 6, 2014 #1

    The attached file gives survey statistics on the most used textbooks for core graduate physics courses (on the bottom of pages 3-7). For example, the data show that 76 out of 80 surveyed American physics departments use Jackson's book for their Electromagnetism course.

    I'm wondering if equivalent data has been collected for mathematics textbooks, i.e., whether I can find which percentage of schools use any of the most popular mathematics textbooks for their graduate core courses (number theory, algebra, analysis, topology, I don't know I'm not a math student). I would expect the data to show, for example, that a large portion of graduate programs use Dummit and Foote to teach core algebra.

    Can you please look at the data on pages 3-7 in the attached file, and tell me if you have seen the equivalent data for math programs instead of physics programs? Thanks.

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