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That woman who found tissue in T-rex bone

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    I was listening to talk radio and the guest was the guy who started the Genesis Museum (creationism "science" museum). Anyway, he used as evidence the tissue found in T-rex bones. I know the story is legitimate; I remember reading about it in a magazine a while back ago. But I completely forgot the name of the woman who found it and all the details surrounding the story, so I have no idea of what new developments have come up.

    Is there an explanation of how tissue has survived that long yet?

    (did Jesus do it? :biggrin:)
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    jim mcnamara

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    Mary Schweitzer, North Carolina State University. She dissolved away some mineralized bone issue and found what appears to be blood vessels, with possible red blood cells.

    And, to my knowledge, it was NOT living tissue.
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    :redface: oops. I guess "living" was the wrong word to put in there— or else those would be some miraculous cells indeed! :surprised ... how do I change the title of a thread? ... O well, at least it got your attention, eh.
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    Title is fixed. :smile:
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    yay! now my embarrassing mistake is forever erased! thanks both.
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