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A The analytical linear tetrahedron method?

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    The pioneering work by G. Lehmann, M. Taut, please see the attached files or download from wiley
    On the Numerical Calculation of the Density of States and Related Properties,

    The question is how the middle line of Eq. (3.9) can be derived?
    i.e. why f(ε)=f0-f1

    intuitively, it is wrong.


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    From the second condition in the function of energy the range is clear that Δε1<=ε<=Δε2

    Therefore, the order of energy becomes Δε0 <= Δε1 <= ε <= Δε2 <= Δε3

    The function of the energy must be positive and by experimental and theoretical formulations the function of energy is given by


    U can verify it by giving some positive energy values to Δε0, Δε1, ε, Δε2, Δε3 in the order of energy
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    @Jonath Thank you very much for your reply. I will reconsider the problem according to your suggestion
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    Need further suggestions and hints
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    I finally understand, I am so stupid and ridiculous.
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