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Homework Help: The angle @ which the particle hits the wall

  1. Nov 28, 2007 #1
    dear all,

    i am working on a problem, but not having found the solution yet.
    i have a wall section (in a 2D x-y plane) on which spherical balls hit and get reflected.
    i know the x-velocity and y-velocity of the particle when it hits the wall.
    i need to calculate the impact (incident) angle of the ball on the wall.

    it is easy to calculate when the plane is either along x-axis or y-axis. but, my plane is curvilnear (i know the radius of curvature). can i calculate the incident angle for this curvilinear plane ?

    pls help. thank you.
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    I don't know this very well, but here's a shot. Take the angle it hits the and copy that same angle it hits on the wall and add the curvilinear to the other side.
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    dear asaplz,

    thank you for your try.
    can u explain it once more in detail. i didnt understand well.
    you mean to say, first i will do theta = atan(V_y/V_x) and calculate the angle.
    then, what shoud i do ?

    to make it more clear for me, can u do one example case.
    say V_y = 3 m/s , V_y = 4 m/s
    So, theta = 37 degree.

    pls help
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    sorry, the above velocity components should read
    V_y = 3 m/s , V_x = 4 m/s

    sorry for the mistake.
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