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The best Engineering Universities

  1. Jul 12, 2009 #1
    Hi! Iam thinking about studying in UK and Iam going to apply for 2010/11 entrance. I get on very well with Physics and Maths and I want to study Engineering (I`m considering Mechanical Engineering). My question is which univeristies in UK are the best with Enginnering. I`m asking because I am out of the UK (btw. sorry for mistakes but english is my second language). To be honest I read a lot about Cambridge University and I really like it but I would like to know your opinions. There is a big adventage that I`d be able to choose my specialisation at the beginning of the 3rd year so I`d have a lot of time to do my last choice. Tell me , please, about other univerities which you could recommend. Thanks in advice
    wating four your answers
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    As an American, the only one I am familiar with is Cambridge. They have a great reputation.
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    yes, I came across this ranking. Did somebody study at this universities? I would like to know opinions of the students. Thanks for answering, by the way
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