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The best of laptops

  1. Jan 6, 2005 #1
    Which brand of laptop is, for your sake, ranked 1, 2, 3?

    My opinion:
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    Especially the precision series.
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    ibook, definitely. Very solid notebook with a very solid, UNIX-like OS.
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    Dell makes a good laptop. Same with IBM, but I would have to rank Dell above IBM because of it's features. You basically get more for your money with Dell.

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    I would go with Apple, but that is because I don't really use windows.

    For a windows pc I would go with dell
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    I have chosen HP.
  8. Jan 6, 2005 #7
    IBM laptop

    Pros - Great performance, embedded security features (locks your data, helping to provide user authentication and data protection) The ability to recover your files with the push of a button. Hard drive braces for impact if you drop it.

    Cons - Can get very expensive, especially when you go the thin and light route. Not for gaming


    Pros - Great performance, cheaper, can withstand the occassional bumps, very reliable, you get a mousepad and a trackball.

    Cons - Dvd playback can be jerky at times
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    I would definately recommend against dell laptops, I am known as a kind of computer guru around the dorm, and so I get a lot of help requests, I've seen dells fail a ridiculous number of times, I think in the past month, in a dorm of like 80 people, probably 30-40 have dells and I think there have been like 6-7 hard drives failed, most of the problems have seemed to be on the 5150 series, I'm not sure if the problem leaks over to other dell models, and also know that the test isn't large enough to be overly significant, but personally, dell does a very bad job of assembling computers. There are quite a few more stories I could tell about other junk dell computers which I've seen in the past.

    On the other hand dell repair will send you a new drive pretty quick, and replacing new drives is kind of a snap, but you do have to talk to some random indian for like 5 hours first.

    IBM is definately the best of any model you posted, however, they are also by far the most expensive. If you like OS X, the Macs aren't a bad way to go, I've repaired one here with a really wierd battery problem, but it was fixed relatively quickly by apple and I consider it to be a wierd glitch.

    If you don't mind getting laptops from small non-notable companies, there are a lot of good things to be said about companies such as Sager www.powernotebooks.com[/url] and Uniwill [url]www.IBuyPower.com/[/URL] both websites are for resellers of the Sager and Uniwill models, not the actual companies. I currently own an IbuyPower S-Turbo Series of the Uniwill model, very nice laptop and I've had no problems with it since i got it in August.

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  10. Jan 6, 2005 #9
    Toshiba makes some great laptops imo
  11. Jan 6, 2005 #10
    Another con for IBM laptops might be that they no longer exist.
    http://groups-beta.google.com/group/comp.sys.laptops/search?group=comp.sys.laptops&q=ibm&qt_g=1 [Broken]
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  12. Jan 6, 2005 #11
    I forget what company bought out the IBM PC, some chinese company. Maybe they will continue to carry the laptops.
  13. Jan 6, 2005 #12
    The link says, "Lenovo and IBM: how smart!"

    That's the plan - but when you buy an IBM laptop, you won't be getting an IBM laptop.
  14. Jan 6, 2005 #13
    And, yes, Lenovo will be branding its computers "IBM," though IBM won't have anything to do with making them:
    http://www.compliancepipeline.com/55301163 [Broken]

    • Other solution providers hoped that the IBM-branded systems from Lenovo would benefit from reduced manufacturing costs that would make them a more aggressive player in the PC market.
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  15. Jan 7, 2005 #14
    Ah.. I liked my IBM thinkpad series with slackware on it, but i guess i wont be buying another thinkpad.. :-( Any suggestions on what brand i should get if im planning on running linux on it?

    Also, if you had money, would you think about getting an alienware Area51 ?
  16. Jan 7, 2005 #15


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    If you want something UNIX-like, go with an ibook. You'll have a solid FreeBSD foundation to boast.
  17. Jan 7, 2005 #16
    "I forget what company bought out the IBM PC, some chinese company. Maybe they will continue to carry the laptops."

    I dont think they were bought out, AFAIK it was more like a statigic (or not so statigic, which is usually the case with IBM) partnership. IBM are trying to focus on there "core compitancies" like there consulting services (which they are good at).... They also seem to be going toe to toe with Sun, ie IBM low end servers running GNU Red Hat against Sun Blades running (GNU (but not as we have ever known it!!! ;-) ) Solaris... We will see who wins...
  18. Jan 7, 2005 #17


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    That's a joke - pitting GNU Red Hat against an industrial-grade OS, like Solaris. Not to get off topic, but the upcoming release of Solaris 10 looks very promising. No other OS has a system analysis tool/debugger like 'dtrace.' IBM might win cost-wise, but Solaris is hands down a better operating system than any non-standards compliant OS, like Linux distributions. IBM should keep with their gold - AIX.

    Blades are not low-end servers, by the way. They are high-end workstations.
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  19. Jan 7, 2005 #18
    Alienware anything is the best.
  20. Jan 7, 2005 #19
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  21. Jan 8, 2005 #20
    I would disagree, first off, it is really impossible to build a laptop in a basement operation, the uniwill model that I have, for instance, has a videocard to monitor interface that is specific to the laptop. That is common operation for all laptop and requires and industrial plant capable of making microchips.

    It's too bad that ABS didn't work out for you, but from my experience, I know about 5 people who own a laptop from one of the two companies I've mentioned, none have had any problems, and meanwhile I'm fixing laptops from other well-known companies all of the time, dells specifically. Maybe the companies I've mentioned aren't better than large companies, but they are surely on the same level and are not produced in somebody's basement.

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