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The climate in my country

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    Hello guys
    The climate in my country varies from year to year
    Please tell me why ?
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    By definition, climate does not vary year to year. Weather does.
    Climate is the set and frequencies of weather patterns that tend to occur over many years, decades at least. How many years is a matter of choice.
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    Marietta Snell;

    Because of the current composition of the greenhouse gases (CO2), which includes methane, water vapor, and some others. It keeps the Earth's average temperature at a comfortable 15 degrees centigrade. Without the methane, water vapor, and the others it would be a very chilly ca. -18 degree.

    The greenhouse impact goes about as an indoor regulator, yet today it is on a sharp edge, keeping the world warm yet not very warm.

    More than 95 percent of the Earth's climate is comprised of nitrogen and oxygen, neither of which can retain infrared light and are extremely poor ozone-harming substances. Another essential segment of the environment is water vapor, which is an exceptionally successful ozone-depleting substance and retains the greater part of the infrared light reflected off the Earth's surface.

    As stated in my Science class, Our atmosphere is being polluted from car exhaust, hairspray and gas burn a hole in the Ozone layer. It makes acid rain as well by sulfur and nitrogen oxide being released into the air and mixing with other chemicals. However, the Ozone is affected causing global warming where the artic melts and the animals eventually die. In some instance, moderate warming and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may not affect all plants instead it helps it to grow faster.
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    You mean "greenhouse gases, including methane, water vapor, CO2 and som others"
    True, but the significance in the context of global warming is that GW increases the water vapor in the stratosphere, which is where the protective ozone layer sits.
    Not so. See https://www.climate.gov/news-featur...-ozone-hole-linked-climate-and-1-way-it-isn’t
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    ...and without knowing which country or what timeframe, it is impossible for us to say what factors are at work.
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    Per Krusell mentioned, it is generally accepted, at least among climate scientists, that emissions from fossil fuels are raising the mean temperature of the earth and have climate-changing effects. But the differential impacts across regions are far less studied. An understanding of these differential impacts can be critical in climate-change negotiations.
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    you totally missed the point of question posed in the text you quoted
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