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The Cost of Renting In Northern California

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    So my plan is to move out to northern California. I know its expensive to live in California, but I am going to be renting out there. There are some decent apartment complexes that have a monthly rent of $500-800. I'm a bit unfamiliar still with the renting process, but does the monthly rent cover all of the basics (electric, heat etc.)? Or would I have to cover those with additional bills?

    Pretty much what I'm asking is how much on average would I need to be making to cover all of the essentials?
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    Northern California is a pretty big place...could mean San Francisco (think $$$$$$) or, say, Eureka ($). Which part are you looking at?
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    Electricity and heat would almost certainly have to be paid by you. Water, sewer and garbage may or may not be a part of your rent. You'd have to ask.
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    I'm thinking more of the Sacramento area. One of the suburban towns near the city.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    I used to live in the Sacramento area (and I miss it very much). $600-$900 is pretty typical. I doubt you'll find many decent options for less than that.

    If utilities are included, then the ads will say so, loud and clear. So if they don't mention it, you can assume not. Utilities altogether will probably cost you around $150/month.

    There is a pretty healthy roommate culture in California, so you can always consider getting one. Luckily, Sacramento has pretty average prices. In San Francisco and the surrounding area, it's not uncommon for people to have roommates well into their 30's, even with cushy Silicon Valley jobs.

    The most fun place to be in Sacramento, by far, is right in the heart of it: Midtown. There is a very good art culture, people are friendly, and you can walk to everything. And you can find places in your price range. Sacramento also has one of the most beautiful downtown areas I've ever seen: every street is lined with trees and Victorians.
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    Thanks for the info. So I am looking at around a $1050/month rate?
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