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The Double Slit Experiemts & Half Silver Mirror Question?

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    So based on String theory, when doing a Double Slit Style Experiment when an observation is made it is a particle and when on observation is not made, it is a wave pattern.

    What exactly do the Interference patterns mean? Basically what I research was this... Doe it means that in the different Parallel Universes, I am doing the double slit experiments in our universe and my exact replica entity in the other parallel universes in the Omniverse is doing the exact experiment at the same time to cause interference. So based on String Theory, an Infinite number of myself is doing this experiment and causing the Atoms and Electrons to disappears and reappear and cause interference patterns with wave like slits.

    Thank you for you answers and insight
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    None of this has anything to do with string theory, parallel universes, or an infinite number of you doing the experiments.

    Your best bet is to start by understanding how light waves passing through two slits can produce an interference pattern - google for "Young double slit" and concentrate on the classical stuff involving light waves. Only after you understand that is it time to start thinking about particles and quantum mechanics.
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    Before discussing the double slit experiment you need to see a proper analysis of it:

    Basically the wave particle duality is left over from the early days of QM. It was consigned to the dustbin of history when Dirac came up with his transformation theory in 1927 - its basically what goes by the name Quantum Mechanics today.

    It's really a by-product of the semi historical approach most lay and beginner level texts take in developing the subject. I personally believe in starting with its conceptual core and avoiding such pitfalls:

    String theory doesn't change anything as far as the double slit experiment goes.

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