The effect of macroscopic quantum phenomena on human evolution

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In a discussion between Sam Harris and Brian Greene, at this point, Brian stated that even if we return the brain and all the environment to its previous state, we "WON'T MAKE THE SAME NOISES";

I know that for example, indeterminacy in determining the precise time of decay of an atom (and the effect of that decay on random mutation of DNA and subsequent evolution) can't be calculated (and hence different mutations may occur) but I am curious what other quantum phenomena (micro/macroscopic) can influence the evolution of for example human species and how violent* are those effects?

*by violent I mean the degree of which those quantum effects may penetrate the macroscopic world. For example, are their effects so high that even if we turn the clock back just for 1 hour, human brain would produce a different output or the effects need much more time to affect the system.

Note 1: I am only interested in the physical perspective of the discussion and it is not a question of ethics.
Note 2: I am aware of the nature of chaotic systems in which introduction/change of a variable (even a fraction of change in value) could cause a drastic difference in the outcome at the end of the pipeline.

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