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The expansion of the universe art video

  1. Mar 5, 2012 #1
    Hey! I'm a filmmaker and just thought I'd post my video I made that is inspired by physics and the beauty of the universe.

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    This is such a wonderful video, good job!

    Could you explain the process behind this piece of art?
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    Ah, 1960's liquid light show.
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    Ooh, that's really nice. I've seen people doing it life on raves; very sixties/seventies.
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    Thanks! It's pretty much this process here using food coloring, milk and soap. The rest is just good lighting and cinematography.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I love your choice of music as well. That was half of what made the movie Sunshine so awesome.
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    Nice and thanks for the spoiler. You solved my PDE problem on diffusion/heat equation.
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    Great colors, textures, etc. I wouldn't mind having some part of your video transferred to a framed print and on the wall. Myles Thompson asked how you did the video. You didn't answer him. Is it a secret?

    Ok, nevermind, I just looked at post #6. I had no idea that could be done with that stuff. Amazing.
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    Awe, I was going to go for a similar DE joke.

    That was surprisingly pretty interesting. Milk, soap, and foodcoloring huh? Was that filmed under a lighted glass plate or something? Some of the divergences looked like you were pouring something onto a plate from the reverse side. Great work.
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    The music is quite great and definitely helps the minutes of swirling colors pass by faster.

    Yes it was filmed on a clear plastic plate and backlit by light. The soap I just dropped from above so you can't really see it fall into frame. There was quite a bit of color correction in post as well.
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