The Fastest-Approaching Object in the Universe

  1. Found: The Fastest-Approaching Object in the Universe

    by Dr. Ken Croswell

    Most of the universe is rushing away from us. It's not that we're particularly repellent; it's just that the universe is expanding, pushing most other galaxies away. Light from distant galaxies travels toward us through this expanding space, which stretches their light to longer, or redder, wavelengths. As a result, the spectra of most galaxies exhibit redshifts. Now astronomers have accidentally discovered the greatest blueshift ever seen, in a star cluster that a giant black hole may have catapulted our way.

    Link: Scientific American
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  3. Greg Bernhardt

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    Hoping I'm dead before it reaches us! :)
  4. awesome

    we will be dead for sure :)
  5. If science succeed in arresting the cellular aging process we might live over 200 years old and witness it. The object is 54 lightyears away and incredibly blueshifted at1026 Km. per second.. 0.3 c? hence eta is about 165 years. It won't hit our solar system anyways because it surely has some sideways motion.
  6. Borg

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    You might want to recheck the article and your math. :rolleyes:
  7. It's an investigation in progress they don't know the exact figures yet. At least I gave an estimate from available data and perhaps prevent this thread going morbid :D
  8. Borg

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    It is nowhere near us. It is 54 MILLION light years away, not 54 ly and 1000KPS is not 0.3c, it's 0.003c. Even if it were headed straight at us, it wouldn't arrive for billions of generations. Your estimates and arrival date of 165 years are off by more orders of magnitude than I care to count.
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  9. As Borg pointed out, your math is ludicrous. On a forum like this it's a good idea to think through what you are posting because when you make mistakes like that, you will be called on it.
  10. Yes I blundered, thank you guys for telling me :-)
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