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The fifth derivate of the function.

  1. Jun 18, 2009 #1
    Whats the fifth derivate of the function [tex]y=x lnx[/tex] ?
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    Show some work first and indicate where you got stuck.
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    Not to sound too harsh, but if you can't even do a derivative as simple as xlnx, you won't do well on tomorrow's exam. Try reviewing:

    (1) product rule
    (2) quotient rule
    (3) chain rule

    Once you do so, the question you asked should be easy to solve.
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    Hi Penultimate! :wink:

    It must mean the fifth derivative, ie the derivative of the fourth derivative, ie … d/dx( d/dx( d/dx( d/dx( d/dx(xlnx))))).

    How far have you got? :smile:
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