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Automotive The future of the ICE- fuel and ignition

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    It is my belief that as a country we shall all be driving LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), DI (direct injected), Turbocharged, Plasma ignited cars in the very near future.

    LNG because of the supply here in the US and the L part (rather than C-Compressed) for range and relative safety.

    DI because of the ability to turbocharge and stratify the charge in the cylinder. The ability to localize the injection of the fuel will allow cylinder walls to run cooler, more EGR flow and ultimately eliminate the throttle blade and the associated pumping losses.

    Turbocharging because of the "free" power provided by reclaiming a portion of the heat lost in the combustion process.

    And the BIG ONE! Imagine a Tesla coil hooked to a spark plug without a ground electrode that emits a high frequency, high voltage "spray" of ionizing energy that starts the combustion process no matter the air-fuel ratio present in the cylinder. No matter what the AFR or the amount of EGR, it would combust. The fuel volume could be controlled so closely that elimination of the throttle plate becomes possible. We are talking some SERIOUS efficiency increases here!

    OK, I'm new here so you're going to have to Google "ACIS" for the info I wanted to include.

    So, tell, me, what do you think?
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    "If you build it, they will come".
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    Ranger Mike

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    Welcome...it is great to have fresh ideas...sincerely hope you get some where with your efforts...
    As to your asking for opinions ..keep in mind the value of what i am about to say is exactly what it cost you...nothing ! so do not be depressed.

    as of now the USA is Energy Independent. This is not due to some Green movement but due to the much hated Capitalist Free Market,,,more specifically, Fraking. Petroleum oil is still the best fuel for the dollar. Emissions are lower today than ever in the history of this country. Continued refinement of the present IC will add fuel mileage. This will be the case for the next 100 years.
    Regarding "If you build it, they will come"...if this was the case the Priasss would be number one seller and electric cars would be in demand. The case can be made that if you build a better mouse trap you will be a millionaire, however. Again the is the USA where free markets mean you can buy at Walmart and get the best price ( much to the dismay of Mom and Pop grocery stores locally owned, charging excessive prices because they have so low volume of sales. Social Darwinism may be painful but it works. When you have government dictating the electric roller skate you must use for transportation you have an expensive mess.

    As I see it - these are all facts. Cruel facts but such is life in the USA....still better than China, North Korea, IRAN, Cuba.
    and this is my opinion which...as I have said..is worth what is cost ya
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    As I have said on another post, we are living in the dark ages.
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    Can you please stop resurrecting old threads. Especially with posts that are bordering on crackpot.
    I would lay money on you being a believer that 'big oil' is controlling us and keeping us is crap cars.
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    Ranger Mike

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    Chris ..was that question addressed to me?
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    Of course not Mike, you've been around long enough that I know you are a crackpot! ;)

    And the most telling.
    The Pogue carb is just classic nonsense. Another magic device that was never demonstrated because it doesn't work. Same vane as people who claim they got their car to run on water.
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    Ranger Mike

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    Well said Chris....I will give you that!! :cool: by the way.. can you clarify the pecking order..crackpot, nutter, loon??
    Happy New Year!
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    Sounds like this thread is done. Thanks for the heads-up, Chris. :-)
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