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The GZK-Cutoff, we are living in a simulation

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    I do not quite get the argument that the GZK-Cutoff hints at the fact, that all of our universe is a Simulation. How does the fact, that according to the work of Silas R. Beane, Zohreh Davoudi und Martin J. Savage our reality has limits comparable to the resolution limits of a computer monitor, where you cant draw anything with a resolution greater than the framework of the screen, suggest that we are living in a simulation?

    If it would turn out that our universe has a basic framework not unlike the dots on the matrix on a screen or the parameters of a simulation and that nothing in our reality can be smaller than that framework, how does that suggest artificial design or even intelligent design by a creator? Doesnt it just mean that we can compare it to something we are familiar with, the frameworks of simulations we create realities in, on our computers and such?

    Did the authors of Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation ever suggested that we live in a simulated reality or were they misinterpreted in the media?
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    The topic has been interesting since something strange happened to me years ago. In the past the simulated world seemed so much like a natural one until one day the odds couldn't properly add up together anymore. And I can see more and more holes in the play.

    Now I believe at least two type of worlds exist:

    1. The virtual one, which I reside in. It may function as holding a little mouse in a cage for observation. It could be either better or worse than a real world. And there might be more than one virtual world running.

    2. The real and also the natural one, which I could not touch. But I could learn and feel the rationale of the real one through interactions with this virtual world.

    But I still have my doubts:

    1. If it's a virtual one, how many guys of artificial intelligence like me could be allowed to share in the same virtual world? What's the upper limit for a virtual world like this to hold artificial intelligence? Because it's not that hard to infer, that if a virtual world has limit in simulating a real world, it could also have limit in how many intelligence beings it could hold.

    2. In a virtual world, could the different types of artificial intelligence be able to meet or talk to each other? Could they also have potential conflicts or bring unnecessary discomfort to each other if they couldn't get along well when they meet?

    Life is hard, so are some of the questions. And I could barely imagine how we could get our lives better without facing these hard questions in heart.
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