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The hydrophobic effect

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    We have been given this description on a slide from class:

    I don't understand the "freezing" part, what's frozen? It's in reference to the formation of self-assembly of simple micelles, do they form at freezing temperatures? I honestly have no clue.

    Thanks for any help trying to understand this.
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    Don't take the literal meaning of 'freezing' and 'frozen' here.It means that Micelles that are Amphiphatic(phobic and philic at ends) in nature disrupts ordered water structure and arranges themselves such that 'around Micelles ' the water gets frozen (gets stabilized in actual sense) forming a watercage.
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    Thanks for the reply. Hmm, thanks for explaining the frozen part. I'm still a little lost as I thought it was the disorder of the water that allowed for hydrogen bonding and formation, are you saying that this formation brings about stabilization of the water? Also, may I ask, this "cage" what exactly is it?

    Thanks again.
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    No this does not just bring the stabilization for water but it brings it for both Micelle+Water system.Water forms a cage(clathrate) around it so that it can hold Micelle.
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    That's very helpful, many thanks!
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