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Engineering The Job of Electrical Engineering

  1. Aug 3, 2009 #1
    Hey guys. Im new to the forum and wanted to ask a very general question with as much feedback as possible from you guys. I'm very interested in the field of electrical engineering, as i deal with avionics and minor repairs for my job. I went to a tech school for the military, so my education in the field of electricity is very basic. If you guys can tell me how much you love your job and any additional input pertaining to planning, school, and how the job outlook is for someone with a degree in Electrical Engineering, i would appreciate it. Thanks alot guys!
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    Hi friends,I also love this job.Electrical Engineers deal in the most part with the technology of electricity.The job opportunities of electric in many places.This is the important part of the engineer.I think Education in this field is essential for future.:approve:

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    Jobs are good but one thing I see that most people don't understand is that you will have to move to where the jobs are. It's not like medicine in which you could work in any city in the country.
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