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Homework Help: The magnetic field induced by a current loop

  1. Apr 14, 2016 #1
    A square loop of wire in the x-y plane, centred on the origin, is made up of four straight segments, each of length 2d=10cm. A current I =10A flows in the wire in the direction shown. Find the magnetic field at z=d on the z-axis.
    (See "Diagram" for the diagram of the problem)
    Here is the solution provided by the professor:
    (See "solution1" for the solution of the problem)
    I don't understand how he came up with the expression for unite vectors a1 and a3. Could some one explain this? Thanks.
    Diagram.png solution 1.png
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    Welcome to the PF.

    All I can see is a small attachment of the figure for the problem. Can you use the UPLOAD button to attach the figure and the solution to a reply? Thanks. :smile:
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    Yes. I uploaded the pictures. You can get the pictures by clicking on the thumbnails.
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    I saw the pictures but feel belabored by your handwriting - I suggest typing in your solution. You can get all sorts of symbols by clicking on "Σ" in the toolbar above.
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