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The Mathematical Structure of QM and the Stern Gerlach

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    Many books in QM (eg: Sakurai) mention that the stern-gerlach experiment provides enough motivation for the mathematical structure of QM, Sakurai even mentions Gottfried's book. Point is, i didnt find Gottfried's book, so i am looking for other books that develop the math of quantum mechanics this way.
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    I sense you may be looking for a more experimental approach to QM. We had a discussion about that a while ago and the following book was mentioned:

    It looks a very good book and may interest you.

    I have to say though its not my preferred approach because I believe QM at rock bottom is simply an extension to probability theory:

    But that's just me. Science is based on experiment - not how I prefer to look at things.

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    Thank you. Your sense was right :) please recommend other books of this type so that i can have a couple of titles to check with the library :)
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