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Programs The most diversified PhD program-?

  1. Feb 2, 2013 #1
    The most diversified PhD program-???

    Hello everybody,

    I'm an Instrument Engineer working in Oil&Gas sector(field work in automation with transmitters,sensors,valves,PLCs,etc.) who wants to follow the PhD program in one of the US universities.The thing is I have a varied set of interests which make my choice quite complicated.I'm really good at maths,physics,electronics,langs, and I really like 'em all.I also like to do different chemical experimets on my own as a hobbyist.

    I understand that considering my education and industrial experience it's more logical for me to choose some PhD program in engineering rather than in a science.Besides that,I like when the theory is applicable.

    So,my question is the following:which multi-varied PhD program could be the best fit for me?I'd like to do a research in some diversified field which requires knowledge from physics,maths,electronics,chemistry simultaneously because the Electrical and Electronics engineering alone doesn't cover the spectrum of my interests.I need something more varied,more diverse.Could you share your opinions on that and advice me sth,pls?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Re: The most diversified PhD program-???

    I think you would enjoy something like Lab-on-a-chip research, where you will need all your skills. But in general everything within nanoscience could be interesting for you.
    Good luck.
  4. Feb 3, 2013 #3
    Re: The most diversified PhD program-???

    RedSonja,thanks for the reply.
    But which PhD program(in which field) is the best fit for me to work in a Lab-on-a-chip research and nanoscience?
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    Re: The most diversified PhD program-???

    Sorry, I don't know about US, since I'm from Denmark, where we don't have ph.d.-programmes as such. Here a ph.d. student is hired by a research-group to do a specific researchproject and choose their own courses, usually in the form of studygroups.
  6. Feb 3, 2013 #5
    Re: The most diversified PhD program-???

    Ok,thank you.But I'm interested particularly in the US programs.

    Ok,everybody,I'll re-formulate the question in a more general way.Which PhD program requires from the student a usage of the wide spectrum of knowledge in electronics,physics,maths,chemistry?

    I guess this question is interesting not only for me but also for many others visiting this forum.

    Any answers will be highly appreciated.
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