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Medical The name of consciousness-science?

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    I remember a few years ago I read about a new kind of mind science that was just starting, they had a guest-lecture at my university I think, but I can't remember what they called the new discipline.
    It was described as a new science discipline aiming at getting a better understanding for the physical basis of consciousness, or something like that.

    Anyone know the name I'm looking for?
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    computational neuroscience? connectionism? Cognitive science
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    Cognitive neuroscience, perhaps? It's a fairly vague description you've offered, so that's the best guess I can offer.
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    Sounds like cognitive science. As a term, I think it has been around since the 1970's, so it is fairly "new". It is a very broad area of study, concerned with mental representations and processes not only as they exist in humans, but also in animals, and possibly machines.

    Who was the lecturer?
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