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B The path of particles in the L.H.C. pics

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    I was looking at the diagrams from the lhc of the path of particles and notice that the path of the particles always craved parabolically not traveled strat outward from the point of impact. Why does this happen explachely when the particles are traveling at near light speeds

    thank you ahead of time for any and all replays
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    The LHC experiments have magnetic fields, charged particles are bent. The curvature allows to measure the energy of the particle - higher-energetic particles are curved less. Knowing the energy of those particles is crucial to figure out what happened in the collisions.
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    thank you for the insite also on a side note you do a wonderful job keeping the forum updated with the happening at the L.H.C.
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    very energetic particles are of course hard to say, and there is a higher chance to mis-measure the particles' charge sign (because you can't see how their trajectory is curved).
    Neutral particles (photons, neutrons) are not bent because they don't have a charge.
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    They also don't produce tracks for the same reason.

    Kaons are relevant neutral particles as well.
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