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The real purpose of cretenic marketing/commercial propaganda

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    I thought - why not - let's try to find some thoughts regarding this issue on the Internet, but results were inconclusive, so I came here - I mean people with PhD's in these fields (sociology, economy etc.) come here (right?).

    Just to "paint the picture" I'll give some examples: a woman who chews parsley like a cow on a market stand in a bubblegum commercial, or (generically) all those commercials for that moronic exercise equipment (most noticeably buttshaper (...)), and all sorts of tools and stuff that obviously can't possibly work; then hygiene products of all kinds (shampoo's, toothpastes, soaps, TOILET PAPERS... (yeah and those feminine products)), "beauty" products (hair-colors, some creams, etc); food, toys, electronics, telephony... actually --- everything!

    I can only *guess* what is the purpose - e.g.:
    -measuring how uneducated people are and mapping the data territorially
    -irritating people for some psychological effect
    -exercising normal people's self-esteem (through their realizing that they are smarter)
    -turning people into morons in order to shape their minds to provide labor even for the most demeaning jobs
    -opening people's minds to irrational ideologies
    -entertaining morons so they don't do something stupid/violent
    -promoting promiscuous ways of thinking
    -spreading the commercial message because people talk to other people how annoyed they are with those commercials

    (just a few speculations of the top of my mind)

    I mean - the purpose of commercial messages in themselves is clear (to promote product; to make people aware of something), but - it became (or always was) something more obviously (maybe some social propaganda) - so the specific question HERE is:
    *** Why does it HAVE TO BE *moronic*? ***

    Some would say - "Well most people ARE morons so it's totally adequate to make it really speak to them." - BUT - it is not what people *are*, it's what you *want people to be*.

    Of course we can all speculate, but - it is an organized activity on a global scale - a serious political movement - there must be some philosophy behind it (or is there?). Who started it? What is the theory behind it? (or is it just a load of wealthy psychological warps let lose)
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    Maybe it is just the format... somebody decides its product falls into the category and just sticks to the way its been done since i can remember. Maybe it makes it easier to be identified to people who sympathize with it. There are other ridiculous stuff like reality shows, it has evolved to the point of just not making sense, they can not be considered anything else but just a joke.
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    I don't think it's moronic. Half of government wellfare is spent on pills to make the penis larger and for painkillers for women to deal with hot flashes and what not. It must work because it sells and has been selling since the dawn of selling things.

    For an example of the butt-shaper:

    Have you ever thought that some women (men?) have temporary insecurity issues with their significant other and turn towards butt-shapers as the temporary solution? Maybe you haven't but that's what's called marketing. I have noticed in the butt-shaper commercials (believe me) that the woman doing the excercises is like 25 with a well shaped body and must work out everyday, but a lot of the women giving testimonials are houswives aged 35-55.

    It's not moronic, it's brilliant!

    You have to create the market by understanding your demographic. You can't just create markets because you want to sell something without having knowing knowledge about it or who would want to buy. That's what Enron did.
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    Yeah, its actually adequately-thought... it does serve its purpose. Its kinda deceptive tho, and cruel in a way.
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    Paralysis by analysis. The real reason is "making money".
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    What? Woman chewing parsley on a market stand in a bubble gum commercial isn't moronic?
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    As I said - the purpose of commercial itself is clear, I ask - nevertheless why does it have to be moronic.

    It can send the message without depicting stupidity.
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    Because this is what works on target population. If the marketing campaign is successful, it is obvious it is a success, and not moronic.

    You feed the suckers what they fall for.

    Depicting stupidity works. Very well. Much better than "intelligent" commercials.
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    This thread seems to be more about SAZAR's superiority complex than any legitimate social science. Closed.

    - Warren
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