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News The reason you cant be flat footed in the military

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    the reason you cant be flat footed in the military is because you have a lot of back, hip, and knee problems. I have wanted to join the military since i was a little kid. but recently i have just found out that i cant since i am flat footed. and that is the reason. I know for a fact because I am only fourteen and three disc in my back dont move (they are supposed to) my left hip has been rotated once, and my right hip has been rotated twice. and standing or running for long periods at a time cause me great pain in my feet.
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    I don't think it applies anymore with modern boots.
    Of course it depends on how good recruitment is at the time.
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    If I wear prescription glasses or contact lens', should I be unquestionably allowed to fly as a pilot of a fighter jet during war-time?
    Just a thought...
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