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The Wave-Particle Duality of light and the laws of reflection

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    I wonder how the wave particle duality property of light persists with the laws of reflection? How exactly is a photon directed in the same angle (i.e. the angle of incidence) by a particle as reflection while abiding through the quantum theory and the Raman Effect?
    Such as we throw an elastic ball on a cement surface at an angle of x1 , then the ball bounces back following the law of reflection owing to the normal force received by the surface. But how come a photon, i.e. absorbed and re-emitted by a particle, follow such laws?
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    You want to get hold of the book "QED: The strange theory of light and matter" by Richard Feynmann. It's written for a layman, and provides a good and clear explanation of how reflection works with photons.
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