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The XRD pattern of Zinc oxide and zinc oxide in acrylic acid

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    the XRD pattern of Zinc oxide and zinc oxide in acrylic acid !!

    I did XRD analysis of zinc oxide, and its peaks are at 31.7, 34.4, 36.2, 47.5, 56.6, 62.9 and 67.9 (2-theta degree).

    further, I did XRD of zinc oxide dispersed in acrylic acid/IPA. but it's wierd !! Why I could got some peaks at 21.6, 27.2, 32.7, 38.4, 44.1, 50.0, 62.1 and 68.5 (2-theta degree), but these peaks are totally different from the peaks of pure zinc oxide ??!

    Is it cause of the crystalline has been changed or destroyed ?

    thanks for your teaching !!
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    Two big concerns with the medium:

    1. Acrylic acid polymerizes pretty easily upon radiation. I would hardly be surprised if you've now got significant amounts of poly-acrylic acid in the medium, which may be producing the extra peaks.

    2. What are the purity levels of AA/IPA?
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    I dispersed ZnO particles in AA/IPA mixture which is 50:50 ratio.

    And, I add 0.1g ZnO into 1g AA and 5g IPA, then did polymerization; but i could get the apparent peaks of ZnO particles in XRD analysis (there is no any peak )!! that's wierd !!
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    Could you have formed an acrylic/zinc soap? When you polymerized the AA did you form a gel or did a solid ppt? If you are isolating a ppt, perhaps the zinc component remains in the IPA?
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