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Theoretically Destroying a Black Hole

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    This is kind of stupid, but I've had a fascination with black holes since I was little and started reading about them recently, and obviously came across Hawking radiation causes them to evaporate.

    So, would it theoretically be possible to destroy a black hole using a bomb of some sort that basically would change the quantum effects of matter into a negative matter described by Hawking Radiation, and force the black hole to evaporate because it has nothing but negative mass to take in?

    I obviously I have no idea what I'm talking about, and I've asked on things like Yahoo Answers, but mostly I get people who just say "you can't destroy a black hole" or "that doesn't exist" or something, so I'm hoping that someone can give me an actual response as to why it wouldn't work. I mean I know that negative matter doesn't exist outside of theory, but if it exists within a black hole then technically it would be possible to create via simulation right?

    Or would antimatter theoretically work since that is in existence, because wouldn't that cancel out the matter inside the black hole and cause it to evaporate?
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    The only known way is to use phantom energy. When people first proposed the Big Rip scenario in which the universe expands by an infinite amount in a finite time, destroying everything in the universe, the question arose what would happen to black holes. But it is easy to see that black hole will lose mass due to absorbing phantom energy, see e.g. here:

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