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Theory questions about Newton's Laws and Gravitation

  1. Jun 18, 2009 #1
    I'm trying to figure out these two problems and I'm so lost!

    1. Two planets are circling a star. The second planet has an orbit 4 times the size of the first planet. By the time the first planet revolves once, how many times the second one will?

    My solution: the formula is T=2PiR/v... so wouldn't the second planet take 4 times as long?

    2. Two blocks, which both have the mass of 3kg, are lying on a frictionless surface and are connected by a massless cord. One block is being pulled to the left with a force of 2.5N, and the other block is being pulled to the right with a force of 11.5N. What is the tension of the cord?

    My solution: Since there's no friction, don't I just subtract the two forces???
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    What's the relationship between the tangential speed v, and the radius of the circular motion under the influence of the gravitational force? They depend on each-other, the answer to question #1 is not trivial.
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    Welcome to PF.

    For 2, you need to determine the acceleration that the system is subjected to. Then you can apply that to the tension between the blocks
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    Thanks.Doesn't something weird happen to acceleration when there's no friction???
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    Weird. Like no resistance to motion weird?

    Then yes. Frictionless only seems to happen in physics homework problems.

    For 2) you could treat the smaller force as though it were out-sized friction on the second block only.
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