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Thermal physics junior or senior year

  1. Aug 14, 2015 #1
    I am registered for Thermal Physics for this year (my junior year). The online curriculum advises physics majors to take it fall of their senior year. (The class isn't offered in the spring.) I am taking 3 other physics classes as well. I felt inclined to take thermal this fall because I wanted to be more prepared for the physics GRE at the end of my junior year.

    So, should I stay in or replace it with a another non-science class required for graduation (like literature)?

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    A recommendation is just that, a recommendation. If you feel capable of handing the course load, then you should be okay.

    Thermo is covered in the physics GRE, so it may help you score better your first attempt. That said, if you have reservations about your course load (that taking 4 physics classes may result in you not doing as well as you should) then taking a GE requirement might be more advisable. You'll have more than one shot at the test, but only one real shot at these classes.
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