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Thesis statement for my essay on the LHC

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    Im writing my first college essay, an analysis. I chose the large hadron collider because everyone else was doing healthcare reform and Iran testing warheads, thought this would be interesting. The only problem is I cant come up with a badass thesis statement for my essay, the thesis is due tomorrow, can anyone please help me? I wont copy anything word for word I just need something to go off of, I cant think right now.

    Thanks a lot guys!
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    This is the best of times. This is the worst of times. The LHC in Geneva Switzerland is due to turn on in 5 weeks. Will the World as we know it come to an end when the LHC turns on? (From here, describe why the LHC will or will not destroy the World. Are the LHC builders brilliant scientists who are trustworthy and will discover the Higgs boson, or are they intent on destroying the World by creating a black hole.)
    Bob S
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    Thanks a lot bob, i think thats a good question because i can then talk about why it wont destroy the world since im sure my english classmates wont know the answer to that.
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