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Things to do in my spare time.

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    I'm a mathematics major with a stats concentration going into my junior year of college, but now it's summer. I'm not taking any summer courses and frankly I'm bored. I've been studying statistics and probability in my spare time, sometimes a little number theory, but I need a project. I've sat around figuring out probabilities for poker and blackjack thinking that my interest me but it only got me so far. I've been looking into baseball stats and trying to predict the outcomes of games this season but my interest in that is also starting to wither a bit. Math is my life and I feel like I really need an interesting project to work on in my spare time that is engaging and fun and requires some real problem solving. I'd really appreciate any and all ideas you may have for me and I hope this discussion may inspire some of you to take on some summer mathematics projects of your own :)

    Thanks in advance,
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    Do you know any differential geometry? Are you good with tensors/differential equations/linear algebra? How is your knowledge of game theory? I'm in much the same boat as you. I have some ideas I've been toying around with, but maybe if we work on them together it'll be good.
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    I've taken differential equations and linear algebra. I have a book on 2-person game theory but have yet to read it haha. I'd love to hear your ideas.
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    I've got a ton of ideas, and not enough time to explore all of them. Two of the "lesser" ones deal with statistics and game theory respectively. The statistics idea involves the subject of bias in statistics. I think it's possible to use the statistical concept of bias to eliminate journalism/media bias and create a truely trustworthy source of news.

    The game theory idea is to analyze Sun Tzu's "Art of War" from a game theory perpective. I encountered war games in my mathematical modelling class last semester, and thought it would be an interesting approach to an ancient book.
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    There are a lot of really freaky variables involved in various forms of horse racing, if you have an interest in gambling as is indicated by your references to poker and blackjack. Factoring in genetics, track conditions, weather, jockey, etc. might keep you occupied for a couple of hours.
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    How about a hobby that doesn't require any kind of mathematical analysis whatsoever? Complete and permanent immersion in a single field is not a good thing in my opinion.

    Get out and do something outdoors! Take up a hobby like photography, fishing, hiking, biking, etc.
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    Haha don't worry. I hike, fish, bike, and run all on a regular basis :)
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