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This is a longshot but Mark from the website markknowsnothing.com?

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    This is a longshot but....Mark from the website markknowsnothing.com?

    Does anyone have contact information (i.e. email) for Mark from the former website markknowsnothing.com? It was a website about primes, Sudoku puzzles, and quirky fun math things. His old address is no longer active and it is important I speak with him again.
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    Does he have any connection with PF?
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    I am uncertain about that, mostly just hoping another member may know him as well and have other contact information. He's a math guy with a focus on programming for prime numbers that up until very recently had decent web presence. I understand my chances are grim but I have exhausted all other options.
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    Do a background check. You may have to pay though.
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    On the contact page, he has mark@markknowsnothing.com listed.
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    Thank you all for the information. I hope it will ultimately result in making contact again.
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