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News Obama's speech on education banned from schools

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    I think this is just crazy. I really don't know what to say about the people that are accusing Obama of "brainwashing" their children by encouraging them to stay in school.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/20090903/pl_ynews/ynews_pl888_1 [Broken]
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    People seem to think Obama is incapable of doing anything right because he is democratic.P
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    It's propaganda and most of it starts at FOX news.
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    Or in some circles, being PWB.

    What is wrong with people? What is wrong about the president addressing children, emphasizing how important education is to their futures? Bush got bipartisan support for "No Child Left Behind" though the plan was poorly designed, levied mandates on states who had a hard time paying for them, and resulted in widespread cheating so that schools could maximize their scores, regardless of whether the children were educated instead of being trained to take tests. The latter is a very useful tool for gauging the results of teaching - it should never have been made the penultimate goal of school administrators.
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    OK.... The Republicans are agin'it. The schools are fer'it. And nobody knows what's in it.
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    I didn't see where it says it was "banned".
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    striking response to deleted post
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    I am more concern if Obama is going to addressed the problems currently plaguing public schools in general rather than just mindlessly tell students to stay in school. I am more concerned with the quality of education high school graduates received rather whether or not high school students just meet the minimum requirements for graduation. I would hope obama addresses the plans on how the education czar he appointed would reform education in the US and I would want him to address specifically what education policies have been implemented in the past and which ones have failed at improving education and why his education reforms would be better the education reforms of past adminstrations ; http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/12/24/AR2005122400701.html; [Broken] Furthermore, why should one invest 12 years of there life in public schools "learning" pertinent facts that will drive them towards success in life in the future when only 31 percent of high school graduates are considered to be proficient in reading and a handful of 8th graders are performing at an advanced reading level (http://www.reading.org/downloads/meetings/ILD2007_literacy_facts.pdf [Broken])
    and most students in public schools are not taught american history very well and history is usually presented in a way where you find yourself just memorizing facts rather than understanding why certain historical events took place; (http://www.historians.org/pubs/archives/AmericanHistory_1944/1_Do_Americans_Know_Their_Own_History.htm); [Broken] I can definetely attest to the last fact . In my high school, we did not even study all of american history, only american history beginning after the US civil war;
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    This is exactly what some parents are afraid of - That Obama will use the speech for propaganda, making claims about the success and failures of different policies, claims they disagree with to say the least, instead of just encouraging them to stay in school, etc.

    Does anyone have any info on the speech's planned content? It seems premature to judge it either way otherwise.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It will be posted online before the speech takes place. This will allow parents who object to keep their kids home that day. The "controversial" aspects of the speech have been retracted - that would be the part where Obama was to try to get kids to think about how they can help the country.

    This is beyond belief. With all of the lies and propoganda fed the US during the Bush admin [many people still think we were attacked by Saddam on 911], for these people to protest NOW over something like a motivational school speech just shows that they are all nuts. I guess this is right up there with the objections to teaching science in schools.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I am becoming convinced that the greatest threat to this nation is not the debt or the deficit, or the dwindling manufacturing base, or our dependence on foreign oil, or the cost of medical care and entitlements. The greatest threats are right-wing nuts who are dividing this nation with crazy talk and lies.

    If the terrorists really want to do us in, just send money to Rush Limbaugh and his buddies. Therein lies our achilles heel - stupidity!
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    From my morning paper:

    There is supposed to be classroom discussion after the speech. Arizona Superintendant of Public Schools Tom Horne issued a press release stating that this may encourage students to see Obama in a worshipful manner.

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    lol could be any more political than what the great ronald reagan said to junior high school students in 1988 :rofl:
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    Get Schooled a conference/documantary initiated by Bill and melinda Gates premeirs that night. The Obama speech is at noon.


    The wing nuts here are going crazy. There are Lots of comments in the online version of the news paper. The names Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin come up a lot. The speech has been labeled as a socialist conspiracy to brainwash our children.

    The whole blasted comments page looks like something out of the Twilight Zone. How supposedly sane people come up with such paranoid garbage is beyond me.
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    Exactly. Socialists would consider Reagan's speech to be propaganda. (Just look at how he advocated such evil as economic freedom and knowledge of American history and patriotism).
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    I think any concerned parents should be asked to join their children and hear the speech for themselves. When their children ask questions, they will be able to discuss the content specifically.
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    Finally!!! An adult.
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    seriously, how is it not an explicit political message? how is it less political than a banal message about working hard & staying in school? it's a simple case of fox news implying that reagan's message wasn't political because they liked it (& reagan too) & anything obama says is, because they don't like him. & isn't it ironic that parents are telling their kids to skip school that day :tongue:
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    Who's protesting over a motivational school speech? The news article talks about people protesting over the accompanying lesson plan being pushed onto the schools.

    But, I suppose propaganda is okay as long as it comes from the Obama administration instead of the Bush one? :rolleyes:
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    What are you referring to as propaganda, specifically?
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