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Homework Help: This is not a h/w question circuitry problem

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    Ok this is a practice problem for the upcoming SAT physics subject test. I was unable to do much...

    If point A was connected with point C, what would happen in the circuit??? Can you please give a description involving the total current, the current and the voltage across each juncture, and alike? Thanks in advance.

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    Well, the picture is pending approval. Where did you get this practice problem (which book/online maybe?)?

    EDIT: BTW, the SAT physics is nearly identical to the multiple choice part of the AP Physics B exam. The curve isn't too bad (not as good as the math IIc though...), so you can miss a few and still get an 800.
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    Even though its not a homework problem, it would still fall under the homework help section because this does not involve any theory.

    You're going to have to wait until the pic gets approved so others can see it. In the mean time, you need to post what work or thoughts you have.

    If you have nothing done, put down what equations you think are needed.

    If you still cant do that, go back and read your book.
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