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Engineering Thoughts on a second degree in Electronic Engineering

  1. Apr 3, 2012 #1
    Hi all,

    I am in the process of wrapping up my degree in Applied Physics with emphasis in electronics. The program has required me to take several courses from the electronic engineering department, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have done some planning, and it will take me one extra year to complete a degree in Electronic Engineering once I am finished in physics.

    I am seeking opinions on whether or not to go for the engineering degree or, just settle with the physics. To me, it seems like a small investment of my time to get the engineering degree, but I am also eager to just find a job and get some experience. I'm not sure if it will prove beneficial, or if it would just be redundant to get the engineering designation. This post is aimed at those who have some industry experience in engineering and physics, not speculators. Let me know what you think. Cheers.
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    I went for an EE masters directly after my physics BS. I didn't like it, personally. Engineers are interested in different questions using the same material. I feel somehow at my school, the physics teachers were a lot better too.

    One of the large problems was that my decision was based on money, not interest. Bad decision.

    Anyway, I ended up designing my own degree in computational neuroscience instead.

    Still not sure what route I'll I for PhD. Maybe more biology, maybe more compute science.
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    Hi Pythagorean. When you say that your decision was motivated by money, do you mean that you pursued EE to make yourself more employable? If so, did you find that your job landscape was broadened with the EE designation?

    Based on the 10 EE courses I've taken, I already know that I like it. I am less concerened about the content and more about the job prospects I will have. When I look around at Canadian job postings, it seems everyone wants engineers and technologists with professional certification. I worry that a professional physicist will be overlooked in many instances.
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