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Programs Thoughts on Caltechs Applied Physics Graduate Program

Why is it paired with materials science? I have not been able to find too much about it online apart from their own stuff. How different is it from their pure physics PhD program? It seems that they have a lot of required courses, although you do not need to take them if you have a sufficiently strong background.

I was admitted to their graduate program and am looking to talk to people who have some experience with this specific program.

The website: http://aph.caltech.edu/academics/grad/aph



Education Advisor
Could you clarify your scenario? Did you apply for the program without knowing what it's about? (If so, why?) Or did you apply for the regular physics program, were not offered admission there, but instead were offered admission to the applied physics program?
I applied to the pure physics program (never heard of the applied physics program until I got an email saying I was accepted to it). My statement of purpose was focused on applications of physics to nanophotonics and quantum information so I guess I can see why they recommended me for applied physics rather than physics.

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