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News Threats to the US: Past and present

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    Ivan Seeking

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    A recurring theme of this "war on terror" - that we have never faced a threat like this before - is found in David Brook's comments on PBS last night. The comparison between Vietnam and Iraq was considered, which led to the following statement:

    http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/politics/july-dec06/sb_10-20.html [Broken]

    WRONG!!! We fought in Vietnam, or so we were told, in order to stop the spread of communism via the "domino effect". The Reds were coming to get us!!


    The world has always been hanging by a thread. When I grew up, we practiced hiding under our desks... in order to survive the ever present threat of a Soviet nuclear attack.

    They were really strong desks. :rolleyes:
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    :rofl: I was introduced to that custom in 4th grade when I moved to the US. In 3rd grade, I had read an article on the hydrogen bomb and its effects on a major metropolitan area. I guessed the teachers didn't appreciate my questioning the wisdom (or rather absurdity) of what we were doing in the CD drills.

    In 6th grade, I was assigned to the school safety patrol. I was one of 8 students whose job it was to monitor the halls during fire drills and hold flags at the cross-walks so the lower grades could cross safely. :biggrin:
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    We had the duck and cover drills, too, though nothing could have saved us if the Russians wanted to bomb us. Our school was about 1/10 mile downstream from a very high-value target - a large hydro dam with a deep 15-mile impoundment that would have drowned downstream cities, including two county seats and the state capital. If you use Google Earth or similar and search on Moscow, Maine you can see what I mean.
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