Three semesters of calc at my college = 2 semesters at MIT?

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In summary, the conversation discusses the difference in credit hours and course material between three semesters of calculus at a local college and two semesters at MIT. The speaker is concerned about potentially getting less out of their course hours compared to MIT's courses. However, they also acknowledge that there may not be much that can be done about it.
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Three semesters of calc at my college = 2 semesters at MIT?

I'm curious... at my college, I'm currently fulfilling my prerequisites for my AA with a physics major. For my state (Florida), the prereqs. for math include 3 calc courses, Calc I, Calc II, and Calc III (with ODE as a suggested but not required course). However, looking at MIT calculus courses for freshmen, they offer Single Variable Calculus and Multivariable Calculus courses that seem to cover all the same information. Each of ours earn you 4 credit hours, though I don't know what the two MIT courses earn.

So, does MIT cram more into the same credit hours, do they give more credit hours for each course, or is ours possibly more extensive? From what I skimmed over, it seems like their initial calc course covers both our Calc I and at least a decent portion of our Calc II materials, though I'm not sure to what extent. I'm just a bit concerned that I might be getting less out of my course hours after looking at theirs?
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Take it at your local state university and then compare.
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Courses vary. Calculus is usually 2-4 semesters or 3-6 quarters. No matter where you take it some things will be skipped over. If you care about such things just learn the extra stuff. While there are differences much of the material is the same everywhere.
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18.01 and 18.02 are 5-0-7's, which means there are 5 hours a week of lecture and recitation and 7 hours a week of homework. MIT awards 12 units (5+7) of credit, which is 1/30th of what is required to graduate. This would be about 4 hours.

You probably are getting less from your courses than MIT's. But I don't see there's much to be done about it.
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Ok, thanks for the clarification.

What is the difference between three semesters of calc at my college and two semesters at MIT?

The main difference is the pace and depth of the material covered. MIT is known for its rigorous and fast-paced curriculum, so two semesters there may cover the same amount of material as three semesters at another college.

Will I be at a disadvantage if I only take two semesters of calc at MIT?

Not necessarily. MIT's curriculum is designed to be efficient and comprehensive, so two semesters may cover the same material and concepts as three semesters at another college. However, it is important to keep up with the fast pace and workload at MIT.

Can I transfer my credits from three semesters of calc at my college to MIT?

It depends on MIT's transfer credit policies. Some courses may be transferable, but others may not meet MIT's standards or may not have equivalent courses at MIT.

Is it worth taking three semesters of calc at my college before transferring to MIT?

It ultimately depends on your goals and learning style. Some students may benefit from a slower pace and more time to grasp the concepts in calc, while others may thrive in MIT's fast-paced environment. It is important to consider your personal strengths and preferences before making a decision.

What are the advantages of taking calc at MIT compared to my college?

MIT is known for its strong math and science programs, and taking calc there may provide a more in-depth and challenging education. Additionally, being surrounded by like-minded students and top-notch faculty can also enhance the learning experience. However, it is important to keep in mind that the rigor and pace may not be suitable for everyone.

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