Calculators Ti89: display text and variable

with ti89, how can i display both text and variable on the same line?
i tried
"the answer is " + b
and a bunch of other things but nothing has worked so far

it said somewhere on tnhe internet that i can do:
"the answer is " b
but when i run the program all you see is
7 "the answer is "
instead of
the answer is 7
then when go back to edit the code it is automatically set to
"the answer is "*b
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I think the TI-89 treats "expA expB" as a request to multiply expA and expB together.

It's been awhile but what I suggest doing is converting b to a string, then adding it to your normal string. So like it would be

"the answer is " + string(b)

"string" may not be the name of the conversion function but there must be some way to go number->string.
ok that doesnt work either but i finally did find out. pretty much what you have, except instead of + you have to use &

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