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Tim Minchin's song If I didn't have you

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    Tim Minchin's song "If I didn't have you"

    I was listening to this song earlier today and realized that it actually sums up my beliefs about the nature of relationships quite nicely, i.e. while it is very funny it is also quite "deep".
    I guess that means that I am not very romantic:grumpy:

    For those who do not know which song I am referring to

    it is a quite "scientific" view of love, so it would be interesting to know what other people on this forum thinks about the lyrics.
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    Re: Tim Minchin's song "If I didn't have you"

    I love that song. Tim Minchin is hilarious, but he's not just being funny here. As he says, this is a song about statistics. I don't know if his wife gets her head around it okay; I expect so. That's part of what makes it funny.

    I'm going to see Tim in concert, in Newcastle Australia, next month. Christmas present from people who really know how to give a good Christmas present.

    His ballad "White wine in the Sun" is my new favourite Christmas song, and his famous beat poem "Storm" is also fabulous. A common theme in all of them is his enthusiasm for life combined with a strong rationalist perspective on things.

    If people want to see the lyrics in print, the best place I have found is his fan site http://www.angry-feet.com/music.php [Broken]. I've linked to the "music" page, and you should simply use the "search box" there and search for "have you". (For some reason, maybe the apostrophe, using the whole title doesn't work.) This will get you to the lyrics without all the horrible popups and ads at the various general lyrics website.

    Cheers -- sylas
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