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Strange or bizarre covers of Best Songs .

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    Strange or bizarre covers of "Best Songs".

    Occasionally, one hears a rather strange, even bizarre cover, of an older "best song". That's what this thread is for.

    The idea is that if you find a strange, or incongruous cover of one of the songs in the "Best Songs Ever" thread, you can post it here. :biggrin:

    Here's the case that made me think of creating this thread:

    1) The original: Deep Purple, "Child in Time", which I already posted in the "Best Songs Ever" thread: https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=4280762&postcount=2717

    2) The cover: Gregorian:

    To my ear, it starts off sounding ok, but as soon as the first guy starts singing I think "whaaaaat!?". But then it kinda grows on me -- a bit. Still, I find it quite strange, although other youtube commenters loved it.

    So... if anyone knows of other such strange covers, please post them here. But note the format: you've got to link to an existing post in the "Best Songs Ever" thread for the original, and then link to the cover version.

    But note: this thread is not for versions that are merely performed by incompetent musicians.
    E.g., the Gregorian guys above are obviously very skilled in their genre. Nevertheless, there's
    a distinct strangeness about it (or so I think).

    [Evo: if you think this should be absorbed into the "Best Songs Ever" thread instead of being separate, that's ok with me. I just figured the BSE thread was already rather large. :smile:]

    P.S., the double-entendre between this thread title and my username is intentional,
    i.e., "Strange Representations".
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    Vanadium 50

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    "Oy to the World, a Klezmer Christmas", by the Klezmonauts. (In actuality, jingle writer Paul Libman)
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    No, it's not some elf from Santa Clause's toy factory. Her You Tube moniker is vkgoeswild. She's an award winning classically trained concert pianist from Kiev who interprets rock and metal.
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    Would they consider a cover of Oy Como Va?
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    :eek: Bloody hell!? That's way beyond bizarre. I can't even think of an appropriate adjective. :uhh:
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    Yeah, I noticed a couple of her other youtube covers previously. Obviously very talented, and parts of her interpretation sound quite good to my ear -- but other parts sound lame, even awful.
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    Covers of pop songs by classical musicians can be pretty lame. The trouble is that most pop music depends on lyrics for development. That is, the only difference between the verses is the lyrics. So lose the lyrics and all of the verses sound exactly the same.

    There are some covers by classical musicians I quite like but I don't find them strange or bizarre.
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    Thanks for the support! It's nice once in a while...
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    Are you talking about this particular cover or others? Her covers of this group are quite popular for a YT poster. This cover has just under 2 million hits while "Toxicity" has over 4 million hits. I don't judge music by the number of YT hits (otherwise I would love Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift), but it is an indication she's reaching people.

    I guess I didn't strictly follow the specifications for this thread. What's "strange and bizarre" to some is creative and original to others. I'm always interested in listening to something new and trying to to understand what's in their head.
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    My comment applies to the 3 I've listened to. In one of them, I couldn't even tolerate listening all the way to the end.

    Indeed, part of my reason for creating this thread was exactly that: i.e., to discover what other people find "strange and bizarre" (or which I find thus, but others don't).

    Actually,... that means it should be encouraged for other posters to say whether they also find any particular post "strange and bizarre", or if you disagree and find it ok. So far, no one has said whether they agree or disagree with my sentiments in the original post. I'd be interested to know.
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    So far I seem to be King of the Bizarros. You've already got my best shot. You want more bizarritude, just let me know.
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    Well, your first post doesn't sound strange or bizarre to my ear at all. Gregorian chants by Benedictine monks have scored popular success in the past as have electronic rock groups like Enigma.

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    Umm, you listened to the Deep Purple original too, right?
  16. Apr 23, 2013 #15
    OK, so they are very different. What's strange about that? It happens all the time.

    Wanna hear "Highway Star" by a middle-aged Japanese man with a pot belly and dressed like a king? He's pretty good.
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    Interesting how different people have such different perceptions of what's "strange" or "bizarre". I wonder whether it's correlated with other psychological or personality traits.
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    George Jones

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    Big Yellow Taxi doesn't seem to be in the "Best Songs Ever" thread.
  20. Apr 24, 2013 #19
    This is one of the strange cases where the cover maybe better than the original.

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    Hmm, well since you haven't posted it there I guess it's not on your "best songs" list? In any case, the format instructions in this thread need to be modified...

    So... if the original is not in the "Best Songs Ever" thread, then it can be linked directly here, along with the "strange" or "bizarre" cover. :smile:
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