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How do you feel watching these kind of movies?

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    movies with dance and song routines.

    Yes I am talking about typical hindi(bollywood movies).

    I enjoy a lot watching this kind of movies. The funny part of these kind of movies is that the actor and actress change their clothes dozens of time in single song of the movie.:biggrin:
    The plot has no logic. Action is unbelievable. The length of movie is very long.

    In short I want to know the people views about how they find it if they have watched these movies.

    Is it embarassing ?

    Is it extremely funny and laughable?

    Your views please?
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    Bollywood movies are hilarious. I just can't take them seriously. Indian music videos are the same (especially indian rap).
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    Enthiran ("The Robot" in English) is a work of art. It is the most outrageous action movie I've ever seen. There are lots of clips of it on YouTube.
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