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Time travel as a way of move across the cosmos

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    Hello everyone,
    I have been trying to learn as much physics as my little brain can handle in my off time. I have to say this forum has made a world of difference helping me do so.
    I would like to throw a concept out there at the risk of being told that it's nonsense and fringe science. Since the Big Bang the universe has been growing, becoming larger in size. So if (and a big if) one could control the flow of time. Would it be conceivable to travel backward in time to a point where things were closer together, move a little bit, then travel forward to find yourself light years away or even on the other side of the cosmos?
    Just a fun thought, but if you do ridicule me for the idea at least tell me why it is so wrong.
    Thank you everyone that replays.
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    Hi hsdrop:

    Contemporary physics tells us that travel backwards in time is impossible. Traveling forward in time is OK.

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    I'm afraid that's right. Given the premise that you HAVE a time machine, the rest of what you said makes sense. But that is one hell of a premise. If there is any other way to achieve such travel, it will likely be easier than building a time machine.

    As if that wasn't enough of a problem: In order for this effect to be useful, you'd have to travel so far back in time that the Butterfly Effect would wipe whole galaxies in and out of existence. I'm guessing it's not going to happen any time soon.
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    thank you everyone
    with my thought that was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I have a couple more thing that I would like to run pass the forum (or at least more knowledgeable people than me) that relate to this thread. So I'm wondering if I should just ask or post a new thread ?
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    Hi @hsdrop:

    BTW, I recall a SF novel, (sorry I cannot remember title or author or when published) which involved traveling between about the 16th century and 20th century America. The premise was something like the following. People from the 20th travel from both East and West coast locations back to 16th. There they set up a business offering, for a premium fee, to quickly deliver items between the coasts. To do this, they take the items and travel to 20th, and then take air travel to move the items cross-country, and then travel back to 16th.

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    I would much appreciate any help to find the author or title to the novel I describe in my post #5?

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    This OP is not acceptable per our guidelines. The SciFi forum is not for testing new concepts.
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