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Title When Working in Graduate Studies

  1. Mar 31, 2015 #1
    Hello all,

    I have a question regarding professional title when working in graduate school. Upon graduating I will be registered as an Engineer-in-Training with the legislative body responsible for governing engineers in my location. 1 year of my graduate studies is suitable for work experience.
    I am a little confused as to what my title would be in this instance.

    For example,
    Research Engineer


    Microwave Engineer


    Graduate Student

    or do I even have a title?
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    You're an engineering graduate student :)
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    If you are co-writing a paper with a professor, your name/title is "Et Al".
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    Any above would apply, its all how you want to label yourself. That being said, if you say you're a working on a degree, i would say you are a student.
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    Read carefully that body's rules on the circumstances in which people are permitted to describe themselves as an "Engineer" or "Engineer-in-Training", because it may be that you are not allowed to use either of those descriptions yet.

    You should use whatever job title the people you are working for tell you to use.
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