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To be or not to be Physics Major?HELP

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    To be or not to be Physics Major?HELP!!

    I want to declare Physics as my major. Never had the raw talent in math and physics. But I love it and I'm determined to work hard. Is that enough to succeed in this major(as in get good grades)? On the other hand is this a good major to choose in preparation for Med-school. I don't know if I want ti become a doctor or a Physicist now? What were your experiences? Any comments are appreciated.
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    Re: To be or not to be Physics Major?HELP!!

    I haven't the experience in the US system to comment on this myself but I can say that I've seen plenty of others say that physics is a good pre-med choice.

    Otherwise, perhaps you should speak to your academic advisor about your major. Unfortunately, it isn't as straightforward as saying "if you work hard, you can do it" because not everyone can. There is no point in anyone here saying "yep! I did it so you can too!" when we don't have nearly enough information about you as an individual.

    Consider how your grades are just now, and how much work you have to put in to get it. Progressing through the years at university, classes only become more difficult so if you're at your limit just now then you're perhaps unlikely succeed. The opposite is an indicator too.
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