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To which journal should I submit?

  1. Oct 17, 2011 #1
    Hi all.

    I am new here and I am currently working for my PhD in electrical engineering. I have a work done regarding electromagnetic wave propagation. The theme fits well in IEEE Trans. Micr. Th. Tech. as well as in JOSA A. Question is, which journal should I select as better for submission? Which one is considered of higher rank?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Which one does you supervisor suggest?
    In order to answer your question one would need to know a lot about your specific field, since the "ranking" of journals varies depending of what you do; most sub-fields have developed a "tradition" when it comes to where to publish what which means that it is less likely that someone will actually read your paper if you publish in the wrong journal even if it has higher impact factor.
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    Seriously, the first person you should be asking this question to is your immediate supervisor.

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    Well, my supervisor says that we can choose either the one or the other. Each one is a good selection he says.

    I see how you describe the "ranking". A more detailed description of the work is the study of electromagnetic wave propagation in optical waveguides (solved using Helmholtz equation, extraction of despertion curves etc). I have found similar works in both journals. I am just confused as which one is a better choice for my future record. I have also thought of PRE but I think it doesn't exactly match.
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