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List of recognized journals in Relativity and Gravitation

  1. Dec 15, 2013 #1
    I am very interested to know which peer-reviewed journals are considered seriously by mainstream scientists for articles on SR/GR (even if they are not restricted to SR/GR only).

    There are a lot of 'peer-reviewed' journals out there which publish on SR/GR, but which are the well regarded ones that one should read?

    I have compiled a list that I think satisfy the criteria, but would like to know if this list is (a) correct, and (b) complete (i.e. not missing important journals in SR/GR).

    This is my list (not in order of importance)
    • International:
    1. Nature/Nature Physics
    2. Physical Review D
    3. Physical Review Letters
    4. Classical and Quantum Gravity
    5. General Relativity and Gravitation
    6. Annalen der Physik
    7. Science (does not seem to publish theory, only experimental results - is that correct?)
    8. International Journal of Modern Physics A
    9. International Journal of Modern Physics D
    10. European Physical Journal C
    11. Annals of Physics
    12. Journal of Mathematical Physics (only mathematical treatments, not pure theory?)
    13. International Journal of Theoretical Physics
    14. Foundations of Physics
    15. New Journal of Physics
    16. Proceedings of the Royal Society A

    • Country/region specific ones:
    1. Indian Journal of Physics
    2. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
    3. Communications in Theoretical Physics (China)
    4. Brazilian Journal of Physics

    • Not sure of status:

    1. Physical Review X (APS Publication)
    2. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical (IOP Publication)
    3. Physics Essays
    4. Physicist
    5. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics (Springer Publication)
    6. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics (Ascent Publication)
    7. International Journal of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
    8. International Journal of Modern Theoretical Physics

    • Not exactly a journal, but respected website:
    1. Living Reviews in Relativity

    (P.S. I have gone through the list of 'journals acceptable for quotations' in the Physics Forum list, and there are thousands of them, but it does not specify which ones are really relevant for SR/GR, hence I am looking for inputs from the knowledgeable people in this forum).

    I am talking about periodically published journals only, not books.

    Any comments greatly appreciated.

    (Optionally, I would also be VERY INTERESTED to know how the experts in this forum rank the above journals (and any important ones I have missed) in order of importance from SR/GR perspective, which may be different from their overall Impact Factors I think. Looking for just opinions here...)
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    Almost all of the GR papers I have ever read came from AIP (Journal of Mathematical Physics); that may most likely be because Wald very frequently references AIP GR papers in his text and Wald's text is the GR text that I use the most fervently. Regardless, AIP is a brilliant resource for GR papers.
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    Thanks for the response, WBN. JMP is in my list above. Looking for important journals that I may have missed, or 'unimportant ones' I may have included.
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    You might also want to look into:

    Communications in Mathematical Physics

    Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

    For Pedagogy:
    American Journal of Physics
    European Journal of Physics
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    Thanks robphy.
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