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Top 20 Electronic/Information Technology Engineering Universities

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    Could someone give me the list of the top 20 Electronic/Information Technology Engineering Universities in the United States and Canada?

    I really need this...
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    Don't bother. They don't make a habit of admitting very lazy people.
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    C'mon, don't become such a cracko and talk like that, just help if you want to, or don't. Do you have the habit of making enemies or giving such sick answers to unknown people? Crude and uncivilized. Polish your mannerisms, and of course, I don't need help OR statements like this from you. Rather keep your dirty thoughts to your own mind and don't waste your energy in posting rubbish like that. It will reveal your own rotten culture, you know, unless you like Negative Fame.
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    US News EE schools: http://www.ee.washington.edu/academic/coursefees/undergraduate_tuition.html [Broken]
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    At these top IT schools, do they teach about Googling...
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    It's a Junior level class. Search Engines 327.
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    Thanks to all for giving me this information. Rach3,special thnaks to you too for giving me that site because i did not find it on my google search. people use different search words afterall. i was searching for IT engg for my friend who doesn't have his net functioning at home. As for me, I'm an Aerospace student. Sorry for blasting you before but really - I have been searching for a week for some good results. i got many but i wanted to know if i'd missed out any -so thought of posting here. so i'm not that LAZY you see hehhe... - thanks a zillion for that site :) b'bye..
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    I tested out of it.
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    www.ubc.ca University of British Columbia is one of them
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