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Top 5 highest IQ occupations?....

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    What are the top 5 occupations which require the highest general IQ? Rank them from highest to least....
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    Jobs require skill sets, not a certain IQ. Now, some skills may be easier to acquire with a higher IQ, but you simply cannot say that "this job requires an IQ of ##x##".
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    ANY sciences or engineering or human language translation or interpretation

    That is not to say that only "high IQ" people get jobs in sciences or engineering - only that some positions do demand very high intelligence.
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    Any job that requires creative problem solving and attention to detail in complex situations, so I'd say things like doctor, lawyer, engineer, fighter pilot... Of course, they types of intelligence will vary wildly, an engineer doesn't need the same skills as a lawyer.
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    Moderators at a large science web discussion forum...

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    There is no such ranking. Thread closed.
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