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Topics for Nonstandard Math Study?

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    Unfortunately, I'm left with (what I feel is) a bit of a dilemma. I still feel fairly behind in math. I have the standard k-12 math curriculum down fine, but there are many topics that seem interesting and important that I feel I should've touched on years ago. Am I right in thinking this? Topics like "these"[/URL], or the topics covered in Courant's book "What is Mathematics?" come to mind. Is it worth my while to learn such topics now, or is it kind of "too late" in that I should just wait to cover them in depth in college?
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    It is most certainly NOT too late. I didn't get serious about studying math until the summer after my sophomore year in college. In fact, "What is Mathematics" was the book that came to mind when I read the first bit of your post---It was the book that got me fired up and interested in math. I would also recommend George Comenetz's "Calculus: The elements". Those two books changed my life and the latter helps far more than you'd think with physics intuition.

    Background: I dropped out of high school then went to college a few years later and nearly failed out---I read these two books one summer and changed my life. I'm now currently working on my PhD.
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